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Solange Sarria 1Solange Sarria 1
Solange Sarria 1Solange Sarria 1

Solange Sarria is a Session Stylist at Snip Salon in Miami Beach. I am terribly lucky that I met her because she agreed to make a project of my very long brown hair. Over the next couple of months, I will undergo a series of haircuts until I have pixie hair. This first style was my dream request for “cloud hair”. Solange is an artist. I asked Solange to tell us about herself and here is what she had to say:

I started cutting hair as a teenager for friends and family. Usually on the roof of my apartment building where I hosted parties. Haircuts would be traded for cigarettes and beer.

I got my first assisting job at Snip Salon. I assisted every summer in between attending The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a drawing and sculpture major. After many long nights in the studio and long walks in bitter snow, the fine art degree dream shattered. Art school became totally unaffordable after 3 years and I was lost without a cause.

Beauty school gave me a purpose to move on and Snip Salon molded me into the professional creative I am today. Hair is my main medium now and sculpting it is my art. I love building relationships and enabling people to look at themselves in a positive way.

Solange can be reached directly at

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