chico y rita

chico y rita 1

Coño tremendo pelicula, de verdad. I’m not usually one for the animated features, but this one  is pretty sweet. Chico & Rita follows the love story of two musicians in pre-Castro Cuba. Chico is  a “guajiro” pianist with a heart of gold, while Rita is more a curvaceous Cuban hooker with the voice of an angel. Rita gets naked and exposes her breasts more than once in the film, which is pretty cool. The writing is also noteworthy, being of Cuban descent I have an ear for truly authentic Cuban shit, and the writer was pretty spot-on for the most part. So, kudos to them – for that, as well. All in all I’d give Chico and Rita a solid 3.5 out of 5 stars. I’d watch it again.

– Javier F. Ordoñez