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Letterpress Giveaway

Raneytown Letterpress Giveaway

GIVEAWAY! Set of 4 Raneytown Letterpress Cards
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Raquel Raney

rebeca raney x la selva

Rebeca Raney x La Selva
Rebeca Raney x La Selva
Rebeca Raney x La Selva
Rebeca Raney x La Selva
Rebeca Raney x La Selva

I love getting lost in the whimsical stitches of embroidery. It takes me many long hours to create a little sewn blob or whorl by hand. I was honored when my friend since fourth grade and La Selva designer Celina Paiz asked me to collaborate with her on her latest collection of ready-to-wear. The results are six totally special denim shirts. Each shirt is unique and will be available at the La Selva pop up shop at Antoinette starting August 2nd. Please stop by! I would be in heaven if the entire La Selva collection was my only wardrobe.

Special thanks to Julie Holder for her superior photography skills.

Rebeca Raney



So there is a reason I barely blog anymore: I’m having a baby August 20! I love being pregnant. This is my  baby registry. It’s been interesting sorting through all of the baby junk and essentials. Here is a pretend sonogram I made of the Baby.

Rebeca Raney


muuto 1muuto 1muuto 1
muuto 1muuto 1

New nordic.

Raquel Raney

pinterest influencer

pinterest influencer 1

We pin our little hearts out and appear to be inching our way up to the top 100 pinners with over 1 million followers. As part of HelloSociety’s team of Pinterest Influencers we were asked to answer a few questions. Check out our featured interview here.

Raquel Raney

rebeca in raneytown

Rebeca in Raneytown. A rhythmic-tour.

Music: “Koala” by Ithai Benjamin.

Rebeca & Raquel Raney

letterpress giveaway

letterpress giveaway 1

We’re excited to share with you our new sister sister Raneytown letterpress collection — featuring drawings by Rebeca Raney — available in our shop.

Enter for your chance to win a set — here’s how:
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· the giveaway ends next Friday (12/14) at midnight and the winner will be announced on Tuesday (12/18)

Raquel Raney

madewell musings

madewell musings 1

Watch Rebeca’s interview with Madewell and then check out the entire Rebeca Raney x Madewell collection.

Raquel Raney

rebeca raney x madewell

rebeca raney x madewell 1rebeca raney x madewell 1
rebeca raney x madewell 1

My sister has been at Primary Projects working  hard all day, everyday in preparation for her solo exhibition during Art Basel.

Her oh-so-special collaboration with Madewell was just released. The limited-edition collection includes cashmere sweaters, blouses, necklaces, silk scarves, custom painted handbags and a letterpress line of holiday cards all featuring drawings by Rebeca Raney, herself. The house is glowing with excitement and we couldn’t be more proud of our little pecan-sandwich.

Raneytown opens December 6th at Primary Projects in Miami.

Raquel Raney

rebeca raney

rebeca raney 1
rebeca raney 1

My sissy is making beautiful art all day everyday out of our childhood home for her Art Basel solo show at Primary Projects. We fuel up on cookies and get to work on our individual projects. The behind the scenes process is a wonderful, natural one and I am grateful to have such a talented pecan sandwich in my life.

Raquel Raney

feather lemon

feather lemon 1

I walked up on this little angel asleep on my bed.

Rebeca Raney



I am officially an AOL Artist! Woo-hoo!

Rebeca Raney

oh, lemon

Music & Words by: Rebeca, Raquel, Ithai and Lemon

. Enjoy!

Ithai Benjamin

puerto rico

puerto rico 1puerto rico 1
puerto rico 1

A sweet wrinkle in time.

Raquel Raney


Hair 1

I’m drawing lots of hair in the studio.

Rebeca Raney

Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish 1

Ithai and I just got back from Miami where we made this gem. We’ll be back this summer working on more tracks for our upcoming album.

Rebeca Raney

get into it

get into it 1

Raneytown Presents, Tropical Living : A Mixtape. This compilation is packed full of chilled-out island vibes — the contemporary paradise. Download it here, get into it.

1. Miguel – Sure Thing
2. Active Child – Playing House
3. Justin Timberlake – I think She Knows (Extended Interlude)
4. Lucky Paul – Thought We Were Alone
5. Purple & Green – Invisible
6. Evenings – Still Young
7. Milosh – Time Steals The Day
8. Yung Jake – Cut Offs
9. How to Dress Well – Ready for the World
10. Holy Other – Touch
11. Junior Boys – Itchy Fingers
12. Jacques Dutronc – Hippie hippie hourrah
13. Onuinu – Happy Home
14. Starfucker – Gucci Mane-I’m da Shit Wampire-Orchards Mix
15. Baths – You’re My Excuse to Travel

Raquel Raney

elsewhere / Primary Flight

elsewhere / Primary Flight 1elsewhere / Primary Flight 1elsewhere / Primary Flight 1
elsewhere / Primary Flight 1elsewhere / Primary Flight 1elsewhere / Primary Flight 1

Here is a quick glimpse into the wonderful world of Elsewhere. We’ve been painting and prancing for a few days now. I feel like a seven year old in Neverland and I do not want it to end. I am happy that I decided to stay for the full two weeks. More images and some film to come thanks to the very patient Peter Vahan.

Raquel Raney

Rebeca Raney

Rebeca Raney 1

Looks like I have a 2012 slogan/battle-cry…

Rebeca Raney


Procrastination 1

Procrastination leads to scarf-making which leads to hat/head wrapping which leads to photo shoot which leads to photoshop…

Rebeca Raney