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So there is a reason I barely blog anymore: I’m having a baby August 20! I love being pregnant. This is my  baby registry. It’s been interesting sorting through all of the baby junk and essentials. Here is a pretend sonogram I made of the Baby.

Rebeca Raney


phaseone 1

The official music video for PHASEONE’s Hunter off his debut If I Tell U, out now on Adult Swim’s Williams Street Records

Raquel Raney

La Selva Clothing

La Selva Clothing 1

My dear friend Celina just launched her clothing line La Selva. What makes this collection so special is that Celina travels to Guatemala and personally selects each hand woven textile. They are all one-of-a-kind. Her incredible collection is very wearable and made in NYC. I am enamored by all of the hand embroidery.

Rebeca Raney

Ajax Caravan

Bobby Abate made this video for Ajax Caravan’s Under A Beautiful Buglight.

Rebeca Raney

Rebeca Raney @AAF

Rebeca Raney @AAF 1

I am delighted to be included in the Affordable Art Fair this year. My sculptures and drawings can be found throughout. This wonderful experience is curated by Tze Chun of Uprise Art. If you are in NYC, come visit!!!

Rebeca Raney


suno 1suno 1
suno 1suno 1

Raquel Raney


Ajax has a new album called Caravan with song after song I like listening to. My favorite is The Sea was Shining because there is nothing like a love story song.

Rebeca Raney


p! 1p! 1p! 1
p! 1p! 1

Merging art and design at this Lower East Side art space. Named one of Art in America’s top 10 of 2012.

Raquel Raney

Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt

Tommy Lanigan-Schmidt’s Tender Love Among the Junk is on view at Moma Ps1 through April 1. This is a a short studio visit of his home. He was my professor in graduate school and gave my brain a lot. I’m still thinking about what he taught me and how it shapes my current practice.

Rebeca Raney

madewell musings

madewell musings 1

Watch Rebeca’s interview with Madewell and then check out the entire Rebeca Raney x Madewell collection.

Raquel Raney

Doughnut Map

Doughnut Map 1

I know where I’m going tonite.

Rebeca Raney

Nathalie Djurberg

Nathalie Djurberg 1Nathalie Djurberg 1
Nathalie Djurberg 1

It’s a perfect show. The birds are fantastic. The films are icky and wonderful. Visit the New Museum.

Rebeca Raney


Panda 1

This lovely Panda print was made by my friend Eliana. Let’s block print!

Rebeca Raney

mary meyer

mary meyer 1mary meyer 1
mary meyer 1

B&W handmade goodness.

Raquel Raney

frieze new york

frieze new york 1

Typoe is holding down the Frieze Art Fair for Primary, doing his systematic research per usual. He shot me a quick text : Paul McCarthy.

Raquel Raney


Alder 1Alder 1Alder 1
Alder 1Alder 1

A couple of Fridays ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Nina Zilka and David Krause, the design best friends behind Alder. They are pouring their hearts and energy into making their lovely clothes locally in Brooklyn. I was delighted to learn that alongside their latest Mexico City collection they started making talc-free hair powder (my hair has never been happier). If you are looking for something special, check out Alder!

Rebeca Raney

Chalk Seal

Chalk Seal 1
Chalk Seal 1

I was feeling meh today until I saw this. It’s a cement seal that shoots water when it’s summer time. For now, it is a beautiful cement and chalk beast.

Rebeca Raney