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What up blogosphere? It is I, Javier F. Ordoñez, and I will be conducting movie reviews (as well as other reviews, rants, and miscellaneous posts) on Raneytown from time to time. A quick intro to myself before we get started here, I am a working professional in the film and television industry (SO MY OPINION IS VALID). I work in the camera department, so I may get a little technical in my terminology from time to time. If I write something that you may not understand, please feel free to leave a comment/question and I may (or may not) get back to you with an explanation/answer. Cool? Cool. Let’s get started.

For my first review I will be talking about Will Ferrell’s newest picture, “Casa De Mi Padre”. At first mention one would think that this film is a surefire hit. The recipe for comedic genius is there: Will Ferrell speaking Spanish through the entirety of the movie, an awesome cast, deadpan acting, overly cheesy sets and editing techniques. These are all good things. However, there seemed to be something missing. Maybe there was too much deadpan/dry acting where jokes were needed. It kind of felt like a wannabe Nacho Libre at times. All in all, I’d give it 3 out of 5 stars. I was entertained, sure. But I expected more from Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Maybe they are getting old? Maybe I’M getting old. Whatever dude, until next time. Pleasant Hooters.

– Javier F. Ordoñez